Investment Management

Our Purpose

We are here to help you, as a main street investor, to get clarity around how the markets work and to help you own optimal investment portfolios. We want to help you steer through the often unclear and overwhelming process of investing your money. Our purpose is to help you develop discipline and to help you reach your financial and personal goals.

Our Clients

We are believers in efficient markets and we will help each of our clients understand the concept as it relates to investment portfolio management.

Our Guidance

We will educate and guide through one on one meeting, seminars, webinars and newsletters and we are always available for a consultation around any financial topic and if we are unable to provide professional guidance in one specific are (i.e. Legal) we will help you meet with other professional advisors.

Our Process

Initial Consulation
  • Review Current Investments

  • Identify your "True Purpose for money"

  • Align your investment philosofy

  • Asset class investing education (3 factor model)

  • Portfolio MRI Review/Education

  • Diversification for Efficient Portfolio Theory

  • Construction of your new portfolio

  • Implementation process of investment portfolio

Ongoing Education
  • Ongoing one on one reviews

  • Educational Seminars

  • Newsletter

  • Webinars

“An efficient market is defined as a market where there are large numbers of rational, profit-maximizers actively competing, with each trying to predict future market values of individual securities, and where important current information is almost freely available to all participants. In an efficient market, competition among the many intelligent participants leads to a situation where, at any point in time, actual prices of individual securities already reflect the effects of information based both on events that have already occurred and on events which, as of now, the market expects to take place in the future. In other words, in an efficient market at any point in time the actual price of a security will be a good estimate of its intrinsic value.”
Eugene F. Fama
“Random Walks in Stock Market Prices,” Financial Analysts Journal, September/October 1965

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